The Importance of Working Clean

Photo: William Hereford

Working clean isn’t a skill. It’s not really even an act. It’s a philosophy. And it’s probably the most important thing a young chef can learn.

It’s what allows Sebastien to be as good as he is. It’s the reason for the success of the chefs in all my restaurants and for the success of those restaurants. And working clean also enhances your ability to be efficient.

The thing is I’m not even sure this idea, this ethos, can be taught. More to the point, as Sebastien has said, he doesn’t know whether he can teach a young pastry chef anything if that young chef doesn’t already have the attitude, the philosophy, the desire to work clean.

Thomas Keller

Bouchon Bakery
by Thomas Keller & Sebastien Rouxel
“The Importance of Working Clean”
page 90

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