Tarte Tatin, a Bear to Bake? Not So.

Tarte Tatin (Photo: Morgan Ione Yeager, The New York Times)

Few desserts are more storied than the tarte Tatin, which became a universal darling after the Tatin sisters, French innkeepers, famously forgot to line a pan with crust before they put in the apples and started baking.
Rather than begin again, in a flash of thrift and ingenuity, they decide to put the crust on top and serve the tart upside down.

… tarte Tatin has a reputation for being a bear to bake. Not so. It’s a forgiving recipe.

… In fact, the tart is so loosey-goosey in its construction that I can give you only a rough guess on the number of apples. You’ll figure it out as you go along, and after you’ve made the tart once, you probably won’t even need a recipe to make it again.

Dorie Greenspan

Baking: From My Home to Yours
“Tarte Tatin”
page 312

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