Good Taste

Photo: Courtesy of Widener Library, Harvard University

The making of a gourmet, if the theory is accepted that a gourmet can be made, is a tricky thing which depends on all the circumstances and accidents of time, place, and perhaps the stars. I am convinced that it can de done, given one supreme requisite: good taste.

I do not mean the kind of taste which is one of the five or six physical senses. Almost every normal human being has this sense, in some degree …

… Good taste is an innate thing, a natural and inherent perception of right and wrong. It stretches from knowing what shoes or tie to wear with what dress or suit, to how to behave in bed.

M.F.K. Fisher
(1908 – 1992)

A Stew or a Story: An Assortment of  Short Works
“Gourmets Are Made — Not Born”
page 111

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