Don’t Buy a New Bra, Get an Egg Fryer!

Tamagoyaki Fry Pan (Photo: Nami, Just One Cookbook)

“When I was in the sixth-form, I had to have an egg fryer—a long, narrow pan for making this dashimaki-style fried egg we’re eating. I bought it with money I was supposed to use for a new bra. For three months I had to live with one bra. Can you believe it? I’d wash my bra at night, go crazy trying to dry it, and wear it the next day. And if it didn’t dry right, I had a tragedy to deal with.

The saddest thing in the world is wearing a damp bra. I’d walk around with tears pouring from my eyes. To think I was suffering this for an egg fryer!”

~ said Midori to Toru

Norwegian Wood
– Chapter 4 – 
Haruki Murakami

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