to dinner at Viv’s! Before you make your reservation, here are some quick takes about Viv’s . . .


Our Dinner Nights

Every Friday and Saturday (except the fourth Friday and Saturday of the month). We open our doors at 7.30PM. If you have reserved the evening for your own party, we’d be happy to commence dinner service slightly earlier or later.


Our Table, Our Menu

We seat up to six guests at the table, with an offering of a four-course menu, $80 per guest. Once we confirm your reservation and take note of any dietary requests, we’ll craft a menu for the night. We’ll be saying hello to you on the eve of our dinner with our addressdirections to our home, and the menu

We'll be offering more creative menus from December 2018


A Touch of Sweet

All our dinners include a tea service that comes with dessert—99 percent of the time, French. We always serve herbal, theine-free tea.


Let’s Talk About Wine

There is no corkage. We would, however, like to invite you to consider the wine or wines we have paired with our menu for the evening—bottles specially selected by our long-time friends in wine, Eric and Franck, whose exceptional noses and palates we’re confident you can trust.


If You’d Be Wearing a Fragrance . . .

Finally, one last and small request out of kindness and respect for the food, and consideration for fellow dining guests and the cook. If you or your friends like to wear a fragrance for a night out, could we ask your kind indulgence to go for an ultra-timid spray or dab, or better yet, skip it altogether for the evening. Thank you.


Our Home

11 Toh Tuck Road | 596290

We keep no cats, no pups, no greyhounds or hamsters. Besides the lady of the house, the only other living things are her snake grass plants and her levain, doing its funky magic in a jar.


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