ALL I EVER WANT from a baking class is the promise that life’s a party, where butter is king, sugar is queen, and a whole bunch of others are stars . . .

. . . your good ol’ technique, practice and patience, focus and courage, adventure, good taste, wonder, and woot, woot, fun and feeling! Because baking can be oh so easy, and so damn hard, but you know what, we just have to tell ourselves: Isn’t that what life is too?



to my baking classes, they don’t just promise you life’s a party, they are something of a party themselves, pretending to be Julia Child’s TV show without the shrill, one-of-a-kind, vibrato voice, without that giant stature, but they’re a good enough replica of her wit, her good sense, her anal, meticulous ways (just take a look at our recipes!) and her joie de vivre.

Our party has only just started, we gave our first class in March 2018, we’re young, and we can’t wait to do more Julia shows, more Viv gigs, so come visit us sometime, we look forward to welcoming you!


come bake with viv

Upcoming Baking Classes


. . . and did we tell you?

We gave our first cooking class in July, an ode to fish, but of course, we’ll be having an ode to many other things we love to cook.


Come Cook With Viv

Upcoming Cooking Classes


Banner photo by Todd Beltz
Viv piping a choux au craquelin with crème pâtissière à l'orange