Be a Pedant, Be Very, Very Precise

Make It Shine (Photo: viv)
Chefs may be as experimental and inventive as you like (though much apparent originality turns out to be mere theft), but they know that a dish, in order to be the dish they are proud to serve, must be creative in a very, very precise way, with the smallest latitude for error. ‘Oh, that’ll do’ is not a phrase often heard in top restaurant kitchens.

The Pedant in the Kitchen
– Essay #2 . Warning: Pedant at Work – 
Julian Barnes

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2 thoughts on “Be a Pedant, Be Very, Very Precise

  1. Lin

    And so you are! How insightful it is to see you work to pedantic heights (or is it depths) in your precisely-designed kitchen. Cheers to that 🙂

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