And This Is Obsession

Nancy Silverton of Mozza (Photo: Julia Stotz for CherryBombe Magazine)

Baking a loaf of bread is not making a chocolate chip cookie. Having the patience is very trying.

When I would bake, I would look at the crumb. I would look at the fermentation bubbles. I would look at the oven spring. I would always find some fault.

My shaping wasn’t quite perfect. My cuts weren’t great. I didn’t get as much of an open structure to the loaf that I wanted.

You dissect every single aspect of the bread.

I tried mixing at 30-degree water and 45-degree water and 80- degree water and 90-degree water. And then I’d think, “You know, I think I’m gonna put four tablespoons.” And I don’t really like it, so I’ll go back to three. Well, let me try two and a half.

Continually tweaking.

And that’s obsession.


Chef’s Table
Season 3 | Episode 3: Nancy Silverton
Produced by David Gelb

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