A Cuisine of Heart and Feeling

Adeline Grattard, with her husband, Chi-Wah Chan (Photo: Maud Bernos for Pluris Publications @ www.pluris.fr)

If the staff get fixated on the recipes, it freezes things. They try and be too exact. They don’t work with as much heart.

We never weigh the sauces. We always make them instinctively. It changes all the time. Since we don’t dress the dishes in advance, each table gets something slightly different. Each table is an experiment.

If it’s all the same, all robotic, you won’t feel like eating it. That’s not good. It’s a risk, of course, because you can mess up.

But I want it to stay alive, I don’t want a fixed cuisine.


Chef’s Table: France
Season 1 | Episode 3: Adeline Grattard
Produced by David Gelb

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